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When was the last time you got your haircut?

I got my haircut 5 weeks ago. Let’s be honest… it was a disaster. In the age of Covid, I was forced to frequent an establishment that did not house my normal stylist. The woman who cut my hair was super friendly, but when I intended to have texture put in my hair, she took that to mean I wanted 4 1/2 inches cut off. We were not on the same page, and it was the biggest bummer.

Let me be clear. This is very superficial problem. You and I both know that.

I couldn’t see my stylist, but I did have access to a plethora of other places to get my haircut. I was disappointed, but my hair will grow back. This is not a tragedy.

But what happens when you are experiencing homelessness? What happens when your hair is overgrown and you don’t have an option to go to a bunch of different places. You don’t have the option to go anyplace. With limited resources, the chances are your hair will just grow out. It will be in your eyes and out of control and that’s where it will stay.

During outreach this week, we met Jimmy! He is employed at Ascension Providence but has a huge heart for helping his community in one of the most practical, tangible ways. He takes his hair-cutting supplies and a stool with him in his car, so he is ready and able to provide this often overlooked service at a moment’s notice.

He had an appointment set up with a couple I was meeting with during outreach, and we were so lucky to be able to connect with Jimmy! He provided Throwing Aces with his contact information and told us to call him whenever we have someone who needs a haircut!

Jimmy said that some time ago, he felt the Lord speaking to him about cutting hair for the homeless. He said it’s his lifetime duty and one that he is honored to carry out. His passion for cutting hair, and his desire to do good for his community is palpable when you see him in his element. We are so grateful to work alongside him to make Waco a little bit better for those who live here, one haircut at a time.